Adventure with Chile Horse Riding

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Matilda, a young woman from Australia went on a special adventure with Chile Horse Riding:

She extended the Cowboy experience of last summer by an individual tour and here is what she had to say about it:


How do I summarise one of the most amazing places I have ever ventured across?

A place where you feel the raw energy from the mountains and the beauty of every day. When deciding to go on the adventure with Chile-Horseriding, I was very much a beginner with only a few hours of horse riding under my belt.

I have been a mountain girl since I was born, travelling the world skiing the European alps. However, these mountains were the most incredible mountains I have ever come across. Its the remoteness, the no connection to the outside world, its you, your horse and the friends you make a long the way, its the millions of stars at night, the crisp air and the bluer than blue water. Its the snow on top of the mountains, its the magic of the volcano, its running free and wild with the animals.

Alejandra and Danilo are two beautiful people who have created a magnificent way to explore and discover the way of the gauchos and the way of life in the mountains. They are the most welcoming generous people who make you feel like your part of their family.

The first day started with a drive up to the gates of paradise, where we went and collected the horses and the donkeys for our adventure. I was given Picaro a horse that I would like to think is now a good friend of mine. He kept me on my feet and was beautifully tempered. Horses really are the most incredible animals. Every day on this adventure brought new experiences, new faces and life long memories.

Sleeping out under the stars, finding a hut to sleep in when the rain rolled in and living in a cave for 3 days as we searched for Danilo’s horses. Made the whole experience feel more real to how the locals live. I felt like the richest person alive.

Learning how to lasso, make fire, make bread and dance the way Chileans do were just some of the other fun experiences on this adventure of a lifetime. If you don’t mind getting dirty, sleeping out and washing off in a cold Laguna and you really want to experience what life is really about, then this is a trip for you!

I’m already looking into going back. Words don’t do this place justice its magical.

Thank you Danilo and Alejandra!”

Matilda from Australia

Adventure travel with Chile Horse riding - camping out in the most beautiful surroundings, sun shines throught the leaves in the morning

adventure travel with Chile horse Riding: Picking up the mares from the corral. Ready to spend the whole day in the saddle! Chile Horse Riding gives you the opportunity to express your wild side: horse rears up on cue under rider multi-day Horse trekking into the Wild - take a trip with Chile Horse riding! Snowcapped mountains and just the ears of your horse in front of you. There is no better way to explore wilderness. Join the team of Chile Horse Riding for the adventure of your lifetime! adventure with Chile Horse Riding

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