We are a farm in Central Chile and own about 50 horses of the breed “Criollo”. This is a typical breed for Chile, as these horses are very persistent and powerful even in the upper parts of our mountains and in the Andes.

We breed our horses ourselves. The broodmares and foals are in winter near to our farm in the forest and in the mountains. Every year in December – this is our spring – we bring all horses by ourselves by a horse trek called  “Areo” to the summer pastures in the Andes near the Argentine border (Kordillera). In the Andes they have a better life, more freedom, bigger pasture and better food. There are no fences and our horses remain free and wild and enjoy 5 months in this area the summer. They form themselves into smaller groups and hike in different side valleys. Shepherds look after them.


In January we collect them again and lead them to another main valley because they have more fresh food there.

In March we go back over a pass to a lower valley and in May back again near our ranch.

We treat our horses very carefully and our horses receive medicine against parasites twice a year. We don’t put horseshoes on them either. We love our horses and started breeding about 30 years ago – with one horse! Now we are very proud of our beautiful herd.

In order to have the chance to find and collect our own horses at the end of summer again, we have burned our brand, a star on our left hind leg.

Horses Trek in the Andes – Arreo

Experienced riders can experience and join at this extraordinary horse trek “Areo” in December or at the change of summer pastures in January, March or May.

This is a real riding adventure and with very good insights into our work! See our tour here: Chile Cowboy experience.

Please contact us here via contact Formular or send us an email: info@chile-horseriding.com.







Our riding horses and mules, which we need for our work, are on very good pastures in the valley next to our ranch  or at the beginning of the high valley in the Andes. We rent these meadow extra, because we do not own large pastures. The riding horses and the mules receive a different care and feeding. Every 3 months they are given parasite medication and in winter we remove the horseshoes so that they can rest, relax and recover until we ride them again in summer.


We ourselves train some of our horses to become riding horses. However, we only choose 3 or 4 of the most strongest.


Horse-trek back home in March

The training up to the riding horse takes a long time and requires a lot of patience, because we proceed very carefully with the training.

When the horses are still young, we start with small strokes on the legs, so that the horses get used to us. After 3 years we will show the young horses  a saddle for the first time and put it loosely on their back. After several weeks of getting used to the saddle, straps and also later with the support of already trained horses, we can ride the young horses for the first time.

But it still needs another 1 to 2 years of training and education, so that the horses are reliable, well-balanced and can accompany us on our tours with our guests.