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After a long walking trip in the Andes of Chile and Argentina, a young couple from France decided to try another method to move forward. They joined us to discover the Pre-Cordillera by horses.

This is what they want to share:


We spent two days in Alejandra & Danilo’s farm.
It was time for us to finally practice Spanish (woooohoo – ouch)  and ask all our questions about the life of the Arrieros in the Andes Mountain range!

During these two days, we really had a program on the menu!
“lessons” for Thomas, small gallop sessions and ballads in the hill on sometimes well-steep paths ?.

As much as I think I wish I could have stayed a bit longer here ?.

? I’ll let you watch this little video that sums up our little stay!


? Music: far behind by Eddie Vedder

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