Horse Riding in Chile – Las tres Marias

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With two experienced guides from Chile Horse Riding – Danilo and LLito – we, three girls from Germany, did a multi-day Horse Trekking through the Andes. Our own experience with horses was on very different levels from no experience at all to experts. The team of Chile Horse Riding knows its horses very well and chose the appropriate one for each of us so we could have a safe and great ride.

The first two days of the Horse Trekking took us through amazing green landscapes passing by vulcanos and rivers. We enjoyed the gorgeous view over Laguna del Maule and reached Laguna del Piojo on the second day where we got the possibility to swim with the horses. A beautiful and refreshing experience. After a yummy meal which was cooked at the campfire we spent the nights sleeping under the stars and talking to the real gauchos who tend their animals in the mountains. We heard a lot of unbelieveable stories and enjoyed great hospitality. In the middle of nowhere we had the most authentic experience with the native gauchos. During our trip through the Andes we also passed by a traditional fiesta and got the opportunity to learn the traditional dance.

On the third day we reached the highest point of our Cabalgata on 2700m nearby the border to Argentina. Again we had a view over all the mountains and Lagunas. The most beautiful place we have ever seen! Our way back to the starting point took us through a lunar landscape accompanied by condors.

We left the andes full of amazing impressions and with the wish to return as soon as possible. It was the best part of our trip through Chile and we will keep a lot of beautiful memories.


3 girls bathing in late during Horse Riding in Chile

horse riding in chile two riders galopping through the andes in chile yoga exercise in the chilean andes during horse trekking group shot with a local puestero in the chilean andes sunset in the chilean mountains horse riding through mountains in chile

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